How to unlock iPhone 7?

By | October 17, 2020

These days security codes and passcodes are everywhere. That’s why people forget them, thus amongst all iPhone 7 is one of them. If you are using an iPhone 7 and cannot access certain apps and functionalities, don’t worry. Here in this section, we have will be providing you with the best ways to unlock iPhone 7. 

How to unlock iPhone 7?

How to check whether the iPhone 7 unlocked?

Before we proceed further with the steps to unlock iPhone 7, first of all, make sure that iPhone 7 is unlocked or not. 

Check if iPhone 7 is unlocked in settings

  • Go to the “Settings” of the iPhone 7.
  • Then click on “Mobile Data”> “Mobile Data option”> “Tap on “cellular” (if the device is set to American English), else tap on the “Cellular Data” option.
  • After this, click on the “Mobile Data Network” (Or Cellular Data Network).
  • If the “Mobile Data Network” option is available, then the iPhone is most probably unlocked. 
  • Note: This option is not provided on the locked iPhone.

Check if iPhone 7 is unlocked using a SIM Card

  • Make phone calls through the current SIM card. (Make sure that the SIM Card is in working condition)
  • After this, switch off the iPhone. Hold down the “Sleep/Wake button and make use of the “Slide to power off” option to switch off the iPhone.
  • Now eject the SIM Card from the iPhone through a SIM ejector tool.
  • After this, insert a new SIM Card.
  • Then gently press the “Sleep/Wake” button to turn ON the iPhone.
  • Now make a phone call and check if the call gets connected with using a new SIM card.
  • If the call does not get connected with the new SIM Card, then it means that the iPhone is locked.

Methods to Unlock iPhone 7

The following are the methods through which the user can easily unlock iPhone 7. So, choose the one that suits you in successfully unlocking iPhone 7.

  Unlock iPhone 7 using Find My iPhone

All users are recommended to follow the steps mentioned below to unlock iPhone 7. Find My iPhone is another feature to unlock iPhone 7. It’s mostly used to track and disable lost phones. It’s said that find My iPhone can also be used to unlock a forgotten password. 

Step 1:Open Find My iPhone

  • All users will have to access Find My iPhone.

Step 2: Select the iPhone

  • The next step is to click on the Devices to select the iPhone from the device list linked to the ID. It’s in the case if more than one device is linked to the ID.

Step 3: Erase iPhone 7

  • The last step is to hit on “Erase Device” to erase the device and, in the process, unlock the passcode.

Note: This procedure will wipe out the data and info on the iPhone 7.

Unlock iPhone 7 in Recovery Mode

Last but not least, one can also unlock iPhone 7 in Recovery Mode. This will erase the iPhone and, subsequently, the password. Below mentioned are the steps to use the Recovery Mode option to unlock the passcode:

Step 1: Connect iPhone and Start iTunes

Users are suggested to connect the iPhone to a system with iTunes installed. After connecting the iPhone, open iTunes, and then proceed further to the next step.

Step 2: Force Restart the Device

Press and hold both the side and the Volume Down button simultaneously. Hold it for a few seconds till the recovery-mode screen gets open.

Step 3: Restore and Unlock Password

The user will be asked to select if they want to restore or update the iPhone. Select the restore to erase the iPhone.

After this, iTunes will move on to download the firmware for the phone, and the device will repeat the steps mentioned till the process gets complete.

Now, after applying these methods, the user can easily unlock iPhone 7. Share the tutorial with others so that they also get aware of the ways to unlock iPhone 7. Moreover, users can also get in touch with experts for assistance. 

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