How to hard reset iPhone x?

By | October 16, 2020

Is your iPhone X not performing well? There could be various causes due to which iPhone X does not respond, refuses to wake, or suddenly freezes, and more. However, here in this guide, we have provided the solution for “How to hard reset iPhone X”.

Mainly, it requires some certain key combination to perform a hard reset on iPhone X. If the users who cannot perform the hard reset should carefully go through the information provided here.

A hard reset on iPhone X will restart the device and refresh the software. So, when the iPhone X gets stuck in between, then perform the hard reset to fix the issue. Moreover, the hard reset procedure on iPhone X won’t delete any file.

How to hard reset iPhone x?

When to do a Hard Reset on iPhone X?

The iPhone X users are recommended to perform the Hard reset when they do not start for a longer period. Or when the iPhone gets stuck and cannot be used. Thus, if any user undergoes such circumstances should follow the method to perform Hard Reset.

What to do if iPhone X does not respond or is Still stuck?

If any user still faces the issue, i.e., iPhone is still stuck when restart, they are suggested to get connected with the Apple experts. If, after the Hard reset, Apple iPhone X does not respond, then there is some hardware or software issue.

Moreover, in most performing, the Hard reset iPhone X resolves the issue causing trouble to the device. However, all users are suggested to perform a force restart, iPhone X, after trying other options. Let the iPhone take time to clear its own; if it does not work, then the factory reset iPhone X is the only option.

Method to perform Hard Reset Procedure

Following is the method to perform the Hard Reset procedure. So, all users who want to Hard reset the iPhone X should try one from the following ways discussed below.

Note: Before proceeding further with the Hard Reset procedure, ensure that all data, including messages, contacts, and photos, will erase. But everything can be quickly restored from the iOS backup later.

Perform the following steps to Hard Reset iPhone X

  • Gently hold and release the “Volume Up” button.
  • After this, hold and release the “Volume Down” button.
  • Then hold the “Side” button until the “Apple logo” appears on the screen.

How to resolve Common iPhone X issues?

We have here mentioned the simple and straightforward troubleshooting method to resolve common iPhone X issues. Go through the details provided below and get aware of the solution to resolve common iPhone X issues.

  • If the iPhone X misbehaves but responds to the action, then restart iPhone X.
  • If the restart does not work or the phone becomes unresponsive, then perform the force restart.
  • If iPhone X does not turn “ON” or the user faces the same issue after restarting, perform the Hard reset procedure.

So, if, after knowing this procedure regarding “how to hard reset iPhone X,” the issue remains the same, then feel free to ask for help from the Apple support team. The experts will guide the user throughout the process and will provide the solution for the issue.

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