How to delete all photos from iPhone?

By | November 18, 2020

If you are looking for the procedure to delete all photos from iPhone and free up some space on the iPhone, then the information provided here in this blog post would help all of you. Sometime due to the massive collection of photos and videos may prevent the iPhone from functioning properly. Compared to photos and videos, everything else on the iPhone takes space, so when the iPhone is running out of space, it’s better to free up some space by deleting all iPhone photos.

Backup Your Photos

Before removing all photos from iPhone, most users probably want to store them all somewhere safe where they can easily access them. If you want to save them for future use, then for all of you, we have discussed the following backup procedure through which one can easily access all photos after being deleted.

Backup via iCloud

Every Apple user gets 5GB free iCloud storage space and is very easy to use. In case any user needs more than 5GB, then they can purchase by paying some amount. So, now let’s head over to the steps to backup via iCloud.

  • Go to the iPhone settings.
  • Then the users are recommended to tap on their name located at the top.
  • After this, click on “iCloud” and then press on the “Manage Storage” option.
  • Then from there, the user can easily purchase “iCloud Storage” if required.
  • Now once done with this, connect the iPhone to the Wi-Fi connection.
  • Note: Make sure that the iPhone is charged or else plug-in to the power socket to avoid any interruption while doing the backup process.
  • After this, to confirm that the photos are safely located in the “iCloud,” visit the iCloud website.
  • After that, log in to the official website via the login credentials of the Apple ID.
  • Then tap on the “Photos” option.
  • Therefore all photos would be safely tucked away.
  • Then again, go to the “Settings” option and tap on the name at the top to access the “iCloud” option.
  • After this, click on the “Photos” option and toggle it “Off.”
  • Doing this will stop iCloud from storing the photos on the phone after the next backup.

Backup via Google Photos

Google Photos is one of the safest, versatile, and free backup service available amongst other third-party backup services. It enables the users to view and interact with the photos right from their phone.

  • Note: The user must have a strong Wi-Fi connection, the application, and a Gmail account.
  • Download the application and then sign in to the Gmail account.
  • Now once the setup process gets complete, then the download procedure will start automatically.
  • The users are suggested to tap on the upper right-hand corner to check the progress. i.e., it will display how many photos are left to store.
  • Once the backup process gets complete, the users are recommended to proceed further with the steps to delete all iPhone photos.

Steps to delete all photos from iPhone

We have discussed a few methods for all users. It would become easy for them to delete all photos from iPhone. But before performing these methods, all users are recommended to transfer the data from the iPhone to the system if they don’t want to lose them completely. So, once the user takes the backup, then they can apply one of the methods discussed below to delete all photos from the iPhone.

Method 1

Delete all photos from iPhone in Photos

  • The user can surely remove the photos from their iPhone in the app. Therefore, for that, follow the steps discussed below.
  • Go to the “Photo” app.
  • After this, click on the “Albums” tab and then select “All Photos.”
  • Then the users are suggested to select the photos which they want to delete.
  • Note: Click on the items one by one to select all photos, or the user can drag across the screen to choose all the photos.
  • After selecting the images, then tap on the “Trash” icon.
  • Now from the following instruction, click on “Delete [number] items” to begin deleting photos on the iPhone.
  • Note: All deleted photos will be stored in an album called “Recent Deleted” for 30 days. If any user wants to restore the deleted photos, they can quickly recover the removed items from the folder.

Method 2

Delete photos from iPhone via iCloud

  • The following are the steps through which the users can quickly delete photos from iPhone via iCloud on Mac.
  • The users are suggested to have enabled iCloud photos and are using the same Apple ID on their devices. Now go to the photos app on the Mac.
  • Then press “Command” + “A” to select all the photos and then backspace.
  • The photos will be deleted and later on will get stored in the “Recently Deleted” folder.
  • Then tap on the “Recently Deleted” option, select the photos, and permanently delete them from the device.
  • Note: For all PC users, there are two options for them to delete photos from iCloud. The first one is to log in to “” and then delete the photos. Another option is to search where the iCloud photos are stored and then remove them from the system.


So, these all are the proven methods to delete all photos from an iPhone. However, with all these methods, the users can easily delete all photos from iPhone.

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