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How to restart iPhone XR?

Many reasons result in the issues in iPhone XR. Sometimes, it gets freeze or stops responding, or the black screen appears on the iPhone. At that time, users are suggested to restart iPhone XR because half of the bugs get resolved when the user restarts iPhone XR.  It gets so frustrating and stressful when the… Read More »

How to unlock iPhone 7?

These days security codes and passcodes are everywhere. That’s why people forget them, thus amongst all iPhone 7 is one of them. If you are using an iPhone 7 and cannot access certain apps and functionalities, don’t worry. Here in this section, we have will be providing you with the best ways to unlock iPhone… Read More »

How to hard reset iPhone x?

Is your iPhone X not performing well? There could be various causes due to which iPhone X does not respond, refuses to wake, or suddenly freezes, and more. However, here in this guide, we have provided the solution for “How to hard reset iPhone X”. Mainly, it requires some certain key combination to perform a… Read More »

How to airdrop from iPhone to mac?

Airdrop is a quick, easy and handy feature built with-in iOS, iPad, and MacOS that allows the Apple users to share and receive documents, photos, notes, websites, map locations, videos, and much more to other nearby Apple devices. Moreover, it is an absolute way to share things easily and quickly among another Apple device. Airdrop… Read More »

How to unlock Iphone 6?

Is your iPhone 6 locked due to some specific reasons? Then don’t worry here in this guide; we have discussed the reliable way to unlock iPhone 6. So, after reading the entire information provided here, you will be able to resolve the issue. If your iPhone 6 is locked and you are unable to find… Read More »