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What is Blogging?

Here we are talking about blogging, what it means and what is the purpose of blogging and many more. Firstly, let us check what the meaning of the word blog is. A blog is an abbreviated type of its unique name (weblog). These weblogs allowed early web customers to “log” the nuances of their day… Read More »

How to Print from iPhone?

The printer enables the user to get the hard copy of their document quickly and conveniently. The printer allows users to print anything from their Android or iOS device. The user has to make sure that the printer supports the “AirPrint” feature while printing from the iPhone. The users will have to connect their printer… Read More »

How to delete all photos from iPhone?

If you are looking for the procedure to delete all photos from iPhone and free up some space on the iPhone, then the information provided here in this blog post would help all of you. Sometime due to the massive collection of photos and videos may prevent the iPhone from functioning properly. Compared to photos… Read More »

How to hard reset iPhone 8

There are several reasons why the users have to perform the hard reset on their iPhone 8. All iPhone 8 users should hard reset iPhone 8 if there is an issue with the user-interface of the iPhone 8 or gets freeze or the user gets stuck on any application and unable to go back to… Read More »

How to restart iPhone XR?

Many reasons result in the issues in iPhone XR. Sometimes, it gets freeze or stops responding, or the black screen appears on the iPhone. At that time, users are suggested to restart iPhone XR because half of the bugs get resolved when the user restarts iPhone XR.  It gets so frustrating and stressful when the… Read More »